Years of research

Opinion mining and lexical affect sensing were thorougly studied in the academic research. Additionally, social interaction was comprehensibly scrutinized.


Countries all over the world

The result of research are used in more than 28 countries all over the world. Digital is freely available on the Internet.


Scientific libraries

The libraries of the leading universities of the world including Massachusets Institute of Technology, Library of Congress, National Institute of Informatics , National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Psychologically-aware software

To be successful in the modern market a contemporary company should consider psychological and sociological pecularities of different cultures. However, this task seems to be overcharging and time-consuming and many companies are discouraged from exploiting further opportunities. Did you know that special software can save money, time and a great deal of work?

Sociologically-aware software

The start-up company Socioware Development implements psychologically-, sociologically- and culturally-aware software that scrutinizes findings of the humanities. A solid foundation with many examples of corresponding behavior is laid by a theoretical study on opinion mining and lexical affect sensing and a comprehensive examination of social interaction in the context of globalization.

Culturally-aware software

In the modern world, people take part in different events all over the world and an intelligent software can assist in coping with its pecularities. Hence, the proposed software has many advantages in different industries, for example, search engines or e-retailers. See a complete list of benefits for different industries in the Industries section.