Videos that show our software

  • Overview of Socioware Development This video is an overview of Socioware Development and the sciences that contribute to its software, advantages of the software and an example that shows how quckly this software creates a custom software prototype.
  • Intercultural situations This video shows different intercultural situations and a method to create custom software prototypes that realise these situations using software of Socioware Development.
  • Emotions-, personality-, culture-aware avatars This video shows properties of avatars that take part in the custom software prototypes created by the software of Socioware Development.
  • Communities of avatars This video shows creation of communities of emotions-, personality-, culture-aware, communicative avatars that, for example, simulate human society.
  • Max — emotions-, personality-, culture-aware avatar This video shows creation of an emotions-, personality-, culture-aware avatar that takes part in experiments.
  • EmoText for opinion mining in long texts This video shows EmoText for opinion mining in long texts that implements a statistical approach for assessing opinions in long texts.
  • EmoText for affect sensing in short texts This video shows EmoText for affect sensing in short texts that implements a linguistic approach to assess human emotions in short texts.


Worldwide acknowledged research

Software of Socioware Development relies on books that are held by 330 research institutes worldwide on 5 continents — there were 5000 downloads of particular chapters.

Hence, the monograph "Social Interaction, Globalization and Computer-Aided analysis" discusses findings of sociology, sociolinguistics, medicine, anthropology, neurobiology, social philisophy, sociol robotics and computer science. This monograph discusses cultural misunderstandings and mundane situations that international tourists might be confronted with abroad. It discusses emotions, personality and cultures from the perspective of the humanities and computer science and described a computer-aided approach that assists to model and simulate situations to facilitate their neutral comprehension.

Another monograph that can be mentioned insofar is "Opinion mining and lexical affect sensing" that is based on findings of psychology, linguistics and computer science. This monograph discussed approaches to computer-aided analysis of emotions and opinions and an approach to psychlogical analysis of texts.


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