About Software

  • What is the scientific foundation of the software of Socioware Development?
  • Software of Socioware Development is based on modern scientific findings of the humanities (psychology, sociology, etc.) that were published in the professional literature.
  • What is the focus of the research performed by Socioware Development?
  • The focus of the research is computer-aided implementation of findings of the humanities, for instance, psychological or sociological that are realised in the software of Socioware Development. Another focus is Human-Computer Interaction.

About our research for you

  • Why is Socioware Development one of the world leaders?
  • Software of Socioware Development relies on books that are held by 330 research institutes worldwide on 5 continents — there were 5000 downloads of particular chapters.
  • Does Socioware Development take client orders that imply research work?
  • Socioware Development develops software based on scientific findings of the humanities that were published in innovative scientific books and journals. It means that our developers have broad experience with research approaches and do not shy away from further research. Hence, we hope to find new solutions of problems in Human-Computer Interaction.
  • How does Socioware Development start the work on a new research order?
  • Developers of Socioware Development have wide knowledge of modern scientific research and can implement software that relies on corresponding findings. Nevertheless, a minimal training period can be necessary to explore a field of particular interest.