• EmoText

    An engine for opinion mining and affect sensing

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  • SocioModel

    An engine for modeling emotions and personality

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  • SocioAdvisor

    An engine for scrutinizing demographically-significant disposition

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  • SocioCulture

    An engine for facilitating intercultural interaction

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  • Computers analyze customer reports or Internet blogs quickly and automatically and calculate opinions of customers on a certain product or property: the analysis improves customer experience;
  • Computers "measure" human personality and assist therefore in such actions as generation of believable and comprehensible actions;
  • Computers assist in improving intercultural communication.


  • Your products rely on human emotions and personality: the revealed results and predictions are comprehensible;
  • Customer experience improves: the experience relies on positive emotions that enhances customer experience;
  • Your products are based on findings of the humanities that offer believable behavior strategies.


  • Computers explain matters to your customers using the language they are used to;
  • Computers assess details of customers' language numerically and create a demographically-consistent standard;
  • Quality of your information increases: you are aware of demographic specifics and produce your information in the corresponding way.


  • Cultural understanding reduces discomfort and improves efficiency of work in a foreign country;
  • Instead of getting familarized with interpersonal communication your employees can start essential work;
  • You pay special attention to cultural specifics although you act in the context of your globalization.