Assessment Center (AC) is a popular, though costly and timeconsuming instrument of selection and optimization of human resources. Studies show that application of ACs in Germany is widespread, however, its quality (also due to subjectivity) is suboptimal. Just because wrong personnel decisions incur high costs there is an urgent need to optimize such decisions in regard to time and financial effort.

The proposed SlimAC system is exactly the means to master this endeavor. It implements a computer-aided simulation environment that maintains three persons (a superior and two subordinates). The superior monitors and optimizes a cooperative control task performed by the subordinates using a special display. The behavior of the superior as well as performance of the subordinates can be measured and stored in log files. This makes it possible to numerically estimate performance description. Moreover, it allows exact measurement of professional success of the superior by far outperformed by otherwise subjectively estimated performance in a typical AC.

To date, solutions in ACs are based primarily on the conventional paper and pencil work whereas computer solutions are rejected because of enormous development effort. The proposed SlimAC system allows a significant, long-term advantage over competitors relying on the 9-year research and development.